Check and adjust your CRT, TFT or video monitors!

Do you know these problems:
You want to buy a new or used computer monitor, but don't want the pig in a poke!
You need to adjust your monitor's geometry or match the color appearance of multiple monitors - but don't know how!?

Here is the solution: Use my nifty monitor tester application "MonitorTest"!

Various test patterns, arranged in four groups, allow to check and/or adjust your monitors in every aspect! You can look for defective TFT (sub) pixels, test the geometry of a CRT, adjust your monitor settings and much more.

Multiple monitor support options let you choose the monitor you want to check via a popup menu. You can even check all connected monitors at the same time. Special test patterns give assistance when you try to match the color appearance of all available monitors!

A small info box gives information about the available number of colors, width and height of the selected monitor.

Starting from version 3 video professionals are now able to also adjust their video monitors in the best possible way. Additionally the new overscan test pattern gives you a better feel for the size of the border cut and the remaining viewing area.



MonitorTest is distributed as shareware.
A lot of the test patterns are fully functional but others are limited to the preview. Multiple monitor support is only available in the registered version. You have to buy a license for a copy with full functionality.

Current version: 3.0.0
  • Now with special test patterns for video professionals
  • Additional test pattern to assess the sharpness
  • Sound of the "Tracing effect" test patterns can be switched off now
  • New icon ;-)
Download MonitorTest